Wednesday, May 28

Passion Project

Passion project has a nice, warm sounding feel to it. Now refer to it as a project that you are doing for zero dollars – not so warm.

Metro-Burbs continues to be our passion project and our zero dollars project too. We have gotten great feedback from various folks, companies and networks but haven't found the right team to take our baby to the next level…yet. I wanted to develop the show as much as possible while we were at the stage of working alone. I developed character traits, storylines, specific details about each character from their birthday to their favorite ice cream flavor – all this helped to form the world we wanted. We ended up putting in a lot of these details into a media kit, and it has been a great tool to show off the show.Inspiration came from everywhere, including the street I lived on in Brooklyn. I modeled the main street in Metro-Burbs after it.