Tuesday, June 10


I have always been a PC guy, a couple of my brothers worked for IBM at various points in their careers, always had IBM pads, pens, hats, etc around the house. Never ever saw the Apple logo at Bursley Place when growing up. I've also never been tempted to own an apple computer, always had this visual in my head of one:

Does the screen still look like that?

Well, I guess the only time I got close to an Apple Computer, was when I visited apple.com to download music from my Itunes...for my Dell Computer. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to download Steve Jobs' 2008 MacWorld/Black turtleneck/blue jeans dealio. It was interesting, not because he was doing things in a different way but because i was fascinated-- if I tuned in at 2am to watch an infomercial with some guy giving the same speech, i would said Bull --- for some reason I believed this dude. Why? I have no clue. He showed off very cool toys, and this is the guy that saved Pixar from the clutches of Lucas. He is responsible for hiring folks to create that IPhone and now the new I Phone...you know, the one that my IT dept said I can't get because it is not necessary. DAMN.

Anyway, not in the market for a new computer yet but for the first time I might consider going to the "other side." Oh, and this is the first Apple Computer...gotta start somewhere...