Friday, June 6


There’s an infinite amount of things to love and hate about the internet. On top of the love list has to be "discovering" something or someone that is hilarious, moving or just simply stunning, if stunning could be simple. I bookmark tons of stuff on delicious, and comb through sites, blogs, portfolios and find an enormous amount of creative original projects. The net is an endless piece of paper to show off your work for compliments or advice. Which leads me to a young lady named Olena.

Her work is quite diverse and intensely executed with colors, shapes and a style that is so arresting. She doesn’t appear to want to shock or be submissive in her work. Here are two pieces that I think show off her talents. Enjoy….


Olena said...

Hi there!

Got your message on Flickr, thanks very much for the kind words and this feature!
(And I absolutely don't mind if you show the work here)


Thanks again,


FinnFactory said...

sounds good, keep up the great work!