Friday, May 30

6 Ideas for a more Productive Working Environment

I've already written a blog on office space, but this one is more to do with everything, rather than just the design of the space you work in. Like many others, I always think what I would do to create the best possible working environment for a staff of people - so they can be creative, free, have fun and obviously get their work done. Traditionally we know working environments to look like the environment seen to the left -- basically HELL. So, here's my first attempt at a blog list, come on - - everyone's doing it! And please feel free to add yours to the comments section, I want this to grow and grow!

1. Music - Obviously there has to be some kind of common ground, but not too lame or too crazy - - tunes usually gets everyone in a better mood. Set up the office with a mini speaker at every workstation, each day someone gets to connect their ipod at the mainbase for all to have the option of hearing that one's taste in music - - by turning their speaker on/off. Also, it's a fun way to get to know your co-workers better.

2. Computers - um, yeah - everyone has one...but is it a dinosaur? If you have one of these (see image on right) on your computer, call IT immediately. There is nothing like a slow computer to be a productive buzz kill.

3. Themed Days! maybe a day where everyone wears orange head to toe, or come as your favorite historical figure. Leave the themes up to...everyone. It's not guaranteed to increase work performance, but will be a fun activity.

4. Lunch Breaks - Encourage staff to go for a walk, go eat lunch in a park and don't pester them to come back in 30 minutes. And make sure you take your break too, you deserve it.

5. Allow everyone to share their ideas. Have true brainstorming sessions. Brainstorming means you don't knock down ideas during the process, let everyone speak their mind. At another juncture, you can cut back on the ideas that don't seem feasible.
6. Free Starbucks day! Buy your staff each a venti, you cheap jerk.