Thursday, May 29

Who The Heck Are You?

I remember reading an interview that Walt Disney did, and he was telling the interviewer about a girl that came up to him one day at Disneyland. She said, "Are you Walt Disney?" He nodded. She quietly asked, "do you draw Mickey Mouse?" He replied, "no." She asked if he wrote the stories, directed the movies - - answer was still a no. "What do you do, sir?" was the final question from this little lady. Apparently, he laughed (lucky for the kid). He said he saw himself kind of like a bumble bee, going from one beautiful flower to the next.

Well, I may not be Walt Disney, but I also know that I am not a director, artist, etc. (I do consider myself a writer - that's another post). I'd like to see myself as someone that can spot talent. I've been lucky enough to do so with the development of Metro-Burbs, and had folks at Nickelodeon tell me so - - gotta believe them, right?

Anyway, while doing my usual looking around on web, I am across this dude's work, his name? Bryan Ballinger. I don't know much about him, but I do know that guy has it. He has a wonderful site with his very creative, quite amazing pieces of work. I hope you check it out.

The two images on this post are just a tease, you really have to check out more on his site.