Tuesday, June 3

GREMLINS: The Re-Birth

I don't know why, but I have been thinking about GREMLINS lately. Not the things that hang on airplane wings, but of the film from the early 80s. It was the second film I saw in a movie theater (ET being the first), and I just loved it. It was rated PG, but got a lot of heat soon after its release because of the violence. Lucky for me, I got to see it before all that went down. What was distinctive about it, was not only the technology with the characters, but the humor that it had throughout - - and it was scary (at least for me, it was).

I usually hate the idea of a remake or re-imagining of a film concept, (this wouldn't even be a Gremlins sequel) BUT in this case I thought it would be fun to have a new Gremlins film. Start over. It should have a few winks to the original film, but it should take a page from the BATMAN and BOND films and start anew. That would leave us with...GREMLINS: The Re-Birth.

It should take place in present day, with a descendant of Gizmo as the cute mogwai. This time around, the "Gizmo" character is a bit more advanced - - evolution, my friends. Along with his advancements and new abilities comes greater power for the you-know-who Gremlins/mogwais.

The Re-Birth would note a duel meaning - - bringing back the film and of the gremlins within the movie hatching from an egg but then able to use the information they get while here, to create another egg and re-hatch, hence the re-birth. The new version will have what they saw as part of their new being. Maybe they are watching TERMINATOR, and when re-hatched, have a gun instead of a left hand.

Hmm..could be fun.