Tuesday, June 3

5 Fun Ideas to a Creative Work Environment

Looking back at my previous list, I think it was fairly lame. I hope this makes up for it:

1. Spend the first fifteen minutes of your work day with the computer off, and that doesn't mean you should check your voicemails either. Use those non-tech minutes to your advantage. Plan out your day, write down on a pad your goals and don't forget to reference that list during your day. Often, we dive right in, and we should really allow a little time to get ready.

2. You spend more time in your work place than anywhere else. Decorate it with things you want to see, not crappy office pencils and mouse pads but stuff you want to play with when you are on the phone, like this strange and wonderful green thing - -

3. Buy an IHome for your space, so you can plop your ipod in and listen to the music you want to listen to, not the crap that's on the radio.

4. Bring some of your cool stuff from home, so others want to come by your area for a visit. Such as your lego collection of community workers. WARNING: If this attracts people you don't want to come visit, remove Lego community workers immediately.

5. After those first fifteen minutes are up, don't forget to turn your computer on. This will lead to more creative ideas in a work environment, guaranteed.

Have fun.